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Mortgage Servicing Abuse

Mortgage servicing abuse and errors can have devastating consequences for borrowers.

Mortgage servicers are companies that handle all the transactions involving your mortgage loan. Mortgage servicers collect the payments, and sometimes collect the money to pay your homeowner's insurance and taxes.  These are just a few roles mortgage servicers play in the administration of your mortgage loan.

Servicing abuses and errors can occur at any time during the life of your loan.  A servicer's failure or refusal to correct errors can result in the borrower losing their home.

The most commonly seen errors are improperly applied payments, improper assessment of late charges, forced-placed insurance, failure to pay taxes, and the improper assessment of fees and charges to your mortgage account that were not part of your original agreement with the mortgage company.

Mortgage servicers can also be abusive in their debt collection practices and reporting to the credit bureaus.

The attorneys at Collum & Perry, PLLC, have extensive experience in litigating federal claims related to mortgage servicing abuse.  If you believe that a mortgage company is mistreating you, please contact our office for a free consultation.

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